During the last 20 years we have developed and perfected an analysis to help fully understand your vision, needs and lifestyle.

This tool is a comprehensive set of questions that dwells into every little aspect of your persona, which may influence the way we execute your specific kitchen design. Only by asking all the right in-depth questions is it possible to design the best kitchen for you.


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Pemara Design is an Irish based furniture design company with roots deep in the Danish furniture traditions, focusing on the development of our own unique designs.

The company was founded by Danish designer Per Ploug, who has worked in the furniture industry for more than 20 years as a kitchen designer. Combining his many years of experience, his engineering skills and his knowledge of good interior design, made him form and create a unique dining table, which soon after was put into production. Other products, such as a complimentary bench and a chair, have since followed. The products are available through selected furniture retailers in Ireland, and we will soon be expanding our market to the rest of Europe and beyond.


20 Churchtown Business Park
Beaumont Ave, Churchtown

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We represent the Danish brand ‘Sønderborg Køkkenet’. All kitchens
are individually made to order, enabling us to create extraordinary
kitchens for our clients… Something unique