The Right Approach

The Right Approach

Designing a kitchen with function, comfort and ambience is never straight forward and there is no set formula to do so. It takes experience and insight, and most likely you will need help to realise your vision. You will need the right company with the right approach – to understand you, guide you and create everything you dream of.


During the last 20 years we have developed and perfected an analysis to help fully understand your vision, needs and lifestyle. This tool is a comprehensive set of questions that dwells into every little aspect of your persona, which may influence the way we execute your specific kitchen design. Only by asking all the right in-depth questions is it possible to design the best kitchen for you.

The analysis takes place in your home and lasts 1-2 hours. We gladly dedicate that much time at this point, because we know just how important it is to understand you – A kitchen is after all the biggest home interior investment you can undertake and therefore we must get to know you and your lifestyle really well, before we can present to you the right solution.

If you are married or living with someone, we ask for both of you to be at the meeting (and the following presentation). Everybody’s opinion is valued and taken into consideration. Investing in a new kitchen is an important decision, which affect/involve the whole household. To prepare yourselves for the analysis, we encourage you to discuss beforehand your investment level. It is important to know, so we can make the proposal and present to you a kitchen that fits your budget… We do not want to waste your time with an unrealistic proposal.


When presenting your new kitchen we ‘walk’ you through the finished design and point out, with references to the vision, needs and lifestyle highlighted in the analysis, the reason why this is the best layout achievable. We then look at the proposed materials – most often we have suggestions for other details such as wall colours, textures and flooring, to create your complete vision.

The presentation will also take 1-2 hours. It is important that we don’t rush this because we need to feel assured that you fully understand the ideas presented to you, the layout, and the reasons for same… And because it is your kitchen and yo need to feel comfortable that the design is everything you hoped for.


Following the presentation we hope you will be going ahead with our proposal and place the order. We than process the order by sending off the design and specifications to Sonderbord Kokkenet in Denmark. To produce a kitchen takes 6-10 weeks depending on style. When the site is ready to receive the new kitchen, it is delivered directly and our trusted fitters will be on-site to sign for the delivery and immediately start the fitting process.

Looking forward to meeting you and discussing your vision!


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We represent the Danish brand ‘Sønderborg Køkkenet’. All kitchens
are individually made to order, enabling us to create extraordinary
kitchens for our clients… Something unique